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Green Studios acquired by Stillwater Group

The Green Studios' range of all-year-round-use, thermally insulated stand-alone buildings will now be manufactured by A Plus Joinery Ltd, part of the Stillwater Group of companies.

The Green Studios range of buildings offers contemporary appearance buildings that are so highly insulated they afford occupants year-round use. Typically used a home office or extra living space, the buildings use a 'quick build' system that can mean they can be built and occupied in little over a week. Increasingly used by schools and expanding small businesses as offering additional space for children and staff, they are also providing popular as club houses for sports grounds too.

The high technical specification of the buildings made Green Studios a perfect fit for Stillwater as the windows and doors for each building will be manufactured by A Plus Windows and Doors Ltd whilst A Plus Joinery's skilled workshop team fabricate the modular sections that make up the floor, walls and roof. Each element of the buildings is designed to be as robust and secure as would be found on a house or other building and setting them far apart from other 'summerhouse' or shed type buildings.

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