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Green Studios

Green Studios are British manufacturers of ecologically-sound, stand-alone buildings and garden rooms with a plethora of uses for homeowners as well as schools and commercial organisations looking for additional work space.

Designed for year-round use and with a 'quick and non-disruptive' build design, Green Studios' buildings can be erected in a matter of days on just about any site.  With their clever 'no dig' foundation system and modular construction, they are the perfect solution where extra living, work or play space is demanded, plus their highly insulated design means they can be reliably used all year round without compromise.


Our buildings are constructed to the same exacting, durable standards as a modern home - they are expertly designed to last for many, many years and are a world removed  from lesser cabin or summerhouse derived structures. Designed to be used as you would any other room, we've designed our buildings to be structurally solid and  highly durable materials are used to ensure their longevity.

We utilise LABC system approved heavy duty foundations - a discrete system dug into the ground at regular intervals to support the weight of the building and anchor the structure - along with the same type of structure commonly used by house builders.  Our aim is to give you a building (whatever you decide to use it for) which feels like any other room you enter and, with our quick-build design you could be using your new building in little over a week from when we first arrive on site!

For more information about the stunning range of buildings available from Green Studios for your home, garden, business or school please visit or call us on 0800 334 5570.